Huge numbers of us have the propensity for going to bed with wet hair. Nonetheless, you should realize this is a gigantic slip-up. Truth be told, laying down with wet or even moist hair can be the reason for some medical issues. This does not, in any case, imply that you will come down with a bug or pneumonia bit there are some other medical problems that may emerge.


When you go to bed with wet or clammy hair, the dampness from it gets held, subsequently aggravating the scalp which results in an irritating tingling sensation. Furthermore, this likewise makes harm the name. shockingly enough, notwithstanding keeping a towel on your set out toward too long can have similar impacts of holding dampness.

wet hair

Sticky hair

Laying down with wet hair can result in sticky hair. In this way, your hair will in light of the fact that extremely hard to detangle. This particularly applies to individuals with long hair.

Hair breaking

At the point when the hair is wet it makes it progressively inclined to breaking. Thusly, laying down with wet hair just builds the danger of the hair breaking.


At the point when your scalp is wet for a more drawn out time of this, this meddles with the capacity of the sebaceous organs. Thus, these organs begin creating pretty much oil. Moreover, this could likewise upset the normal pH equalization of the scalp in this manner activating dandruff and additionally unnecessary oil of the scalp.

Irritated skin

Laying down with wet hair can make your scalp tingle. This happens in view of the dampness which is framed on the skin of your scalp which aggravates the skin.


In addition, laying down with wet hair likewise makes the towel and the cushion wet. This makes those spots the ideal reproducing places for microscopic organisms. Along these lines, this can likewise prompt diseases of the scalp.

Cerebral pain

As we have just been referencing previously, wet hair reasons for the holding of dampness amid the night. Be that as it may, then again when we rest our body’s temperature rises. Henceforth, due to the diverse temperature contrasts between the hair and the body you could begin having a cerebral pain.

Muscle torment

To wrap things up, because of the distinction in temperature, laying down with wet hair can likewise be a reason for muscle torment. This can show up as extreme issues or facial loss of motion. In some uncommon cases, it may likewise prompt entire body loss of motion and even be the reason for death.


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